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!Heres shout outs to all my homies!

~*~melissa(aka mister-lol)-hey gerl we been thro a lot luv ya like a sis and we all know nate is mean and rude so imma beat him up fo u. ahhhh! we're hs skewlers now!! eeekkk! u think we can get thro with all our bs lol but its ok we get to see some hot guyz huh?? like cooper or MILES ahaha or ricky haha. i luv ya gurl stay kool.
~*~cody-hey hunn wuts up stay kool and sweet! and hopefully we can all start hangin out again like the old times lol =D
~*~christian-heyyyyyyyyy babe love you lots we been thro hella shit i mean HELLA! u were alwayz there for me and i was alwayz there for u and ill alwayz will be : ) hope life over there with u is the best and hope u and ur lil mini u's are gettin along oh and im not modelin for playboi sry hunn lol love you
~*~marc-hey hunn!!! ur tha koolest i luv ya! u were alwayz there for me =) got me out of all that kraze shit talk when i was sad =( and i thnk ya hun! cudnt ask for a better friend =D only if we were closer =( so u better come see me soon!! i love ya babe stay sweet and of course stay cute =D
~*~lika, miki + fam.- u guyz are da koolest love you all like my second family! it might seem like i cant come to u all for some stuff but i alwayz end up tellin u guyz and i love you guyz lots!! u guyz are the best and i really hope we cud all hang out more and more and become closer again. it might not seem like it but lika, miki we been thro some shit together its like us three are the real banger sisters ;)!! miki gl with justin in the long run! and lika since u almost have a man!! i gotta find one fo muh self, lol luv ya gurl
~*~pat(aka LOBBY!!)- hey hunn, ur the koolest babe!! i love ya tonz hunn stay kool and u better come see me!! or ill never talk to u again!! lol =D and  you "seksi beast" u have to play cs more!! i never c ya on there or on aim anymore, but stay sweet!!  and cant wait to see ya for my bday date!!! :D <3 ya babez
~*~Eman- hey hunn stuff didnt werk out between us but we're still hella tight and we need to keep hangin out or we'll lose touch! =( and das not good! ya know i luv ya so u better start callin me again =) ! stay safe! and be careful with urself!
~*~Tony-heyyyyyyyyyyy ur awesome and hella sweet! thnx for alwayz being there for me : ) luv ya xoxoxo (and AOC! member tony!! ahahha : P)      
~*~My Nick-hey hunn no matter wat ill still love you and more than a friend ur one of the koolest guy and i cud never stop bein friends with you and of course i can never stop lovin ya babe stay the sweety u r and never change!! =D
~*~Jeremy- hey babezz! ur hella tight and hella funny hunn!! stay funny and sweet!! and stay funny!!! luv ya boi!
~*~Brad-hey babe ur koolest laid back person ever!! and im still tryin to make u smile and laff more and i will not fail!! ahahhaa =P u know i love you and thatll never change!!
~*~Matt-DUWD!!! aha...oh mi bananas....or i mean oh mi melons....hahaha. duwd i love you ur the koolest guy ever. thnx for alwayz being there for me. u alwayz make me smile and laff by ur dorky/nerdyness. cud of never done it without u, if it wasnt for u i probly wudnt still be here. u talk me outta all my krazie thoughts, and alwayz put a smile on my face. thnx for everythin ur the best xoxoxoxoxo <3